Mubarak insists on dying in Egypt

Sources close to former President Hosni Mubarak said he has declined four offers from Arab leaders to host him in their countries following his resignation on 11 February.  

Mubarak, who is currently living with his elder son Alaa in Sharm el-Sheikh, is ailing and still insists on dying in Egypt, the sources added.

The same sources said that Mubarak intends to continue writing his memoirs, though he has put them on hold until his health improves. The president’s memoirs will reveal several surprises, especially about the last five years of his rule. Mubarak recently started creating a voice recording of his memoirs, but it is not yet finished, according to the source.

A medical source from the International Medical Center of the Armed Forces (IMC) said Mubarak suffered from pancreatic cancer and not from an inflamed gall bladder as was reported by media.

The German physicians who performed his surgery in March were in touch with the IMC, the source said, adding that Mubarak was supposed to undergo  his operation at the IMC, but after they visited the IMC, the German physicians insisted that Mubarak travel to Germany for the surgery.

First Lady Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak also suffered from leukemia and underwent several operations abroad and at the IMC, the source revealed.

In other news, the Egyptian Group for the Restoration of the Wealth of the Nation announced that it will publish on its website Wednesday documents about the wealth of certain government officials.

Mohamed Mahsoub, the group's secretary-general, said he has appealed to Europe and the US to freeze the accounts of those officials, including Mubarak.

CNN reported that the Supreme Armed Forces Council has asked Washington to freeze Mubarak’s assets, however the US State Department said on Tuesday that it has not received any such request.

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