MSMEDA head asserts keenness on supporting women entrepreneurship

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSMEDA) CEO Basel Rahmy has asserted keenness of the agency on supporting female owners of small and micro-sized projects nationwide alongside providing technical and financial services for them.

The MSMEDA cooperates with NGOs to reach out to the largest possible number of women in the most needy areas, especially in Upper Egypt and border governorates, said Rahmy in a statement issued on Saturday 23/03/2024.

He highlighted the ongoing coordination with international partners to provide modernized services meant to empowering women in the domain of entrepreneurship along with assisting them to develop their already existing projects or setting up new ones.

The MSMEDA is implementing a set of fresh initiatives that seek boosting the participation of women in the micro-sized projects with a share amounting to 40 percent, Rahmy said.

Female entrepreneurs having a desire to get first hand information about the financial and technical services of the MSMEDA can head to the branches of the agency located in their governorate or call the hotline 16733, the CEO of the agency said.

The MSMEDA has made many contributions in the development process concerning; loans for financing small and micro enterprises, training programs about infrastructure and community development projects, non-financial services for small and micro enterprises and the presidential initiative to revive handicrafts and heritage to preserve the Egyptian identity.

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