MPs spat over Naga Hammadi affair

Coptic Bishop Kirolos of the southern city of Naga Hammadi said Monday that he had been the main target of last week’s shooting spree at a local church in which seven people were killed. "I was shot at while leaving the church just before midnight," Kirolos said. "But I was unable to see who did it."

In parliament, meanwhile, Qena Governor Magdi Ayoub announced that a chief suspect–Mohamed el-Kamouni–had confessed to carrying out the attack after hearing that a Christian man had raped a Muslim girl from the nearby village of Farshout.

MP Georgette Quilliny rejected the governor’s statement, going on to accuse him of "lying to the public." She later stormed out of the chamber mid-session.

House Speaker Fathi Sorour, for his part, said he believed that "elements from outside Egypt" had played a role in the deadly incident.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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