MPs blast govt for ignoring climate change

Parliament’s health committee on Monday warned the government against ignoring the issue of climate change, a phenomenon that some experts say could lead to the eventual submergence under water of Egypt’s Nile Delta.

Parliamentarians for the ruling National Democratic Party criticized the government for failing to address the issue "in a scientific manner." They went on to point out that the environment ministry alone was currently working on the climate change file, whereas other ministries — including those of petroleum and energy — should also be directly involved. Environment Minister Maged George, for his part, noted that the criticism was valid.

Committee Chairman Hamdi el-Sayed suggested that the government form a "supreme council for climate change" to be headed up by the prime minister. "Cabinet members will devote their attention to the matter when they see that the PM himself is concerned," said el-Sayed.

MP Gamal el-Zeiny said that the government would probably ignore the issue — "as usual" — until after disaster strikes.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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