MP suggests makeup of constitutional assembly

The head of People's Assembly Legislation Affairs Committee set forth a bill Friday recommending who should be elected to the constituent assembly that will write the country's new constitution.

Judge Mahmoud al-Khodairy, a representative from Alexandria, suggested that the constiuent assembly include 20 percent MPs and 20 percent jurists from outside the parliament.

The participation of jurists in the constituent assembly will ensure precise language in the new constitution, Khodairy said Friday evening at "The New Constitution and the Aspirations of Egyptians” conference held by the Coptic Evangelical Organization.

The rest of members, Khodairy said, should be experts from unions, associations, or Coptic figures and women representatives so as to guarantee a representation of all segments of society, he added.

Khodairy also said he continues to trust the management of the country by the ruling military council.

Translated from Al-Masy Al-Youm

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