MP suggests banning Shaabi songs at weddings

On Thursday, Zaki Abbas, a member of the House of Representatives, submitted a request to the Minister of Culture and Local Development, to prohibit Shaabi songs in wedding halls to preserve the public taste.

Abbas said that Egyptian art has been facing a fierce attack recently, by unknown parties who despite being unknown had clear goals to vigorously attempt to destroy Egyptian art.

Abbas added that Shaabi singers are not rejected in person, but rather the type of songs they present to society are lacking in good taste and value.

This is due to the irrelevant lyrics which affect children who mimic and memorize them unconsciously.

“Shaabi songs are a new genre that we have not seen before, and that has nothing to do with Egyptian art… is imposed on us, and if it continues, will affect our identity. It is unacceptable to see our youth chanting such songs that include indecent words,” he said.

“Is this what we want for our youth in the future? Are these the morals that we are raising them in accordance to?,” Abbas continued.

“It is no longer acceptable to stand by and witness this attack targeting our cultural identity with attempt to corrupt public taste,” 

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