MP: Formation of Israeli national unity government means war intended

An member of Parliament has sent an urgent request for information to People’s Assembly Speaker Saad al-Katatny on Israel’s formation of a national unity government, saying the move suggests the country is preparing for war.

Independent MP Yasser al-Qady sent the request on Israel’s “formation of a national unity government under the agreement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition Kadima Party head Shaul Mofaz, and the postponement of the legislative elections to October 2013.”

“The implications and objectives of this agreement will allow [Netanyahu] to rely on 94 out of the 120 deputies in the Knesset,” said Qady. “This is the largest coalition in the history of Zionist governments, which would allow them to pass as many laws and quick, critical decisions as they like.”

He said that with Mofaz joining the agreement, “the government will include the largest number of military personnel, such as Ehud Barak, Mofaz and Moshe Alon, which increases the likelihood that the Zionist entity’s government is on the verge of war or wars in the region.”

Qady pointed out that “Israel would not intend to form a national unity government unless it is preparing for war,” and that “this poses as a serious threat to the Gaza Strip, Egypt and the Arab and regional situation.”

In early May, Netanyahu canceled the early election slated for September, and agreed to form a national unity government with the Kadima Party.

Edited translation from MENA

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