MP banned from parliament for 9 months after shoe attack on Tawfiq Okasha

Parliament decided on Tuesday to ban MP Kamal Ahmed, who hit MP Tawfiq Okasha with a shoe, from attending parliamentary sessions for nine months following the recommendation of the disciplinary panel that interrogated Ahmed.
Ahmed said in an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm last week that he hit Okasha for receiving the Israeli ambassador at his home, but the shoe-attack was also aimed at the Israeli Knesset, the whole Zionist Entity, the Israeli ambassador to Cairo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
He added that the act represented the feelings of all Egyptian people toward Israel and those who accept normalization with Israel.
Ahmed said he was not bothered by his referral to a disciplinary panel, saying he acted in accordance with his own history and political views.
Former MP Okasha was stripped of his MP title last week after he hosted outgoing Israeli Ambassador Haim Koren at his home in February.
Okasha said that he wanted to discuss various important issues with the Israeli diplomat, including the issue of Palestine and negotiations over Ethiopia's controversial Rennaisance Dam project.
The meeting breached an unofficial boycott of Israel by Egyptian parliamentarians and provoked strong reactions from fellow MPs, media figures and members of Okasha's Daqahlia constituency.

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