MP alleges radio and TV budget irregularities

Mohamed el-Omda, MP from the Free Constitutional Party, has submitted an interpellation Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, Minister of Information Anas el-Fiqqi, and the President of the Egyptian Television and Radio Union (ERTU) concerning alleged irregularities in the ERTU’s 2010/11 budget.

In el-Omda’s interpellation, which Al-Masry Al-Youm has obtained, el-Omda states that the ERTU’s budget is LE6,800,044,000 and its deficit LE1,745,000,000.

“How can we accept to see the ERTU, established 30 years ago, suffer such losses?” he asks.

Projected losses for the coming year, according to the interpellation, are estimated at LE60 million. El-Omda says he suspects corruption at the ERTU since the same amounts of money appeared in the budget for 2009/10 under the same items.

El-Omda also says that expenditures and costs have been exaggerated, and that this is obvious in the budget calculations for materials, spare parts and salaries.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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