Movie director arrested over archaeological paintings theft

Police have arrested a movie director over the theft of five paintings from the Museum of Modern Art at the International Fairs Ground of the Opera House, and their replacement with other counterfeit paintings.

The director of the Museum reported to the police the theft after uncovering the replacement of the five original paintings with fake ones.

During interrogation, the director said that a cinematic director called Ahmed H. attended the Museum on January 11 and submitted a fake permit allegedly signed by the head of the Fine Arts Sector at the Ministry of Culture, allowing him to photograph some of the paintings.

The director was allowed into the hall which contained the five paintings where he spent some time and left.

The director of the Museum accused the movie director of stealing the original paintings and replacing them with fake ones.

The director was filmed by the surveillance cameras while committing the crime.

He was arrested by the police and confessed to replacing the paintings with fake ones during interrogations.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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