Moussa: We will work on reforming what former ruler destroyed

"We will not invent new policies," presidential candidate Amr Moussa said Saturday. "We will rather work on reforming what the former ruler has destroyed because the homeland is injured." 

MENA quoted the former foreign minister and Arab League chief as saying, "We will vanquish our defeat and rebuild our country… I plan, if elected, to establish a real system, not a farcical one, because the country was moving forward seriously, then deviated from the right path."
Moussa pledged in a campaign rally in Luxor to turn Egypt into a center for international tourism through restoring political stability and security, restructuring the Supreme Council for Tourism, and developing laws and regulations on all aspects of tourism.
He promised a comprehensive development of Egypt's teaching body to enhance teaching in public schools, an essential step toward completely eliminating the phenomenon of private lessons.
He pointed out the importance of upgrading the capabilities of teachers and science teaching through a high-level training system with clear vision, objectives and mechanisms for evaluation and control.
Moussa emphasized the need to end lawlessness and restore discipline through enforcing the law, while maintaining citizens' dignity and respect for their rights and freedoms, and immediately restructuring the Ministry of Interior and improving its professionalism and efficiency.
He said the upcoming presidential poll will be Egypt's first without fraud or threats.

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