Moussa: Constitution difficult to write amid polarization

Presidential hopeful Amr Moussa warned Sunday against prolonging an interim period that he said was marked by confused choices. He emphasized the need to conduct the presidential election as scheduled.

On his Twitter account, the former Arab League secretary general said holding the election as scheduled for 23 and 24 May is vital. Failing to hold the election would have dangerous consequences, particularly from an economic viewpoint, he said.
“It would be difficult to finish writing the constitution in a few weeks and in light of the current polarization in Egypt, unless this is taken seriously and done honestly, which I do not see,” Moussa said.
A court ruling has suspended the constitution-writing process after disagreement over the Parliament-formed Constituent Assembly's makeup.
Moussa, who served as foreign minister under deposed President Hosni Mubarak, said the presidential election and constitution writing are two separate processes.
“We wasted a lot of time without writing the constitution,” he said, adding that the new constitution-writing committee should be formed in conformance with the criteria to be agreed on Sunday.
He suggested that the nature of the political regime and the powers of the president be discussed before the remaining articles of the constitution so that they finish before the election.

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