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Mother who killed, ate flesh of son make shocking confessions

A mother accused of slaughtering her son, dismembering his body and cannibalizing his remains made new shocking confessions to investigation authorities about the reasons for her heinous crime.

The suspect revealed that she wanted to relieve her son from the problems of his father’s family, and she also wanted his father not to see him again.

During interrogations she stated that she hit the child three times on the head with a wooden handle of an axe, as he fell to the ground, but was still alive.

She then decided to slaughter him and then drag him to the bathroom to cut his body into parts, before skinning his head and some parts of his body and boiling them to eat,

According to investigations, the child’s uncle came to the mother’s house after he learned from her neighbors that neither she nor her child had appeared all day on Thursday, in addition to hearing strange sounds from the apartment.

This prompted the uncle to go, accompanied by the mother and brother of the suspect, and with their insistence, the mother allowed the uncle to enter, while leaving her mother and brother outside, due to differences between them over inheritance.

The suspect denied at first the presence of her child in the house, which prompted the uncle to search in every corner of the house until he found a bucket inside the cupboard with parts of the child’s body.

The crime occurred in the village of Abu Shalaby, of Faqous City in Sharkia Governorate and shocked the Egyptian public opinion due to its shocking brutality.

The prosecution announced that the mother was “in full mental faculties” and not mentally ill, as reported by some news websites.

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