Mosque preachers protest over financial, working conditions

Hundreds of mosque preachers protested Tuesday at the Ministry of Religious Endowments in downtown Cairo against administrative corruption  and deteriorating financial conditions.

The preachers called for a meeting with Minister Abdallah al-Husseini to review their demands.

Protesters called for better social and financial conditions and raising their bonuses. They also demanded dismissing all the corrupt elements and making al-Azhar an independent institution.

They also called for better work conditions and supporting them with computer equipment, offices and religious references to help them with preaching.

Protesters criticized the minister’s statements released three days ago. Al-Husseini had accused preachers of having a low cultural level and said he won’t be able to increase preachers’ salaries.

A source from the ministry said the protesters refused to name representatives for discussions with the minister and called for a meeting with all protesters. They also refused to submit a memorandum of their demands to the minister.

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