Morsy visits with injured train passengers amid criticism of government

President Mohamed Morsy has paid visit to Maadi Military Hospital to meet with the injured from the Badrashin train accident, hours after presidential guards took charge of the hospital. 

Nineteen conscripts were killed and at least another 117 were injured on Monday as two carriages were separated from the train and derailed at Badrashin stop in Giza while they were on board. The Transportation Ministry said earlier in a statement that 120 were injured.

"The Public Prosecution is conducting investigations into the Badrashin train accident," Morsy said. "Those in charge will be held accountable, whoever they were, in accordance with the interrogation's outcome.”

In a press conference held on Tuesday after visiting the injured, Morsy added, “Our sons were on their way to serve the country. Condolences will never make up for souls. However, we pray to God to provide their relatives with patience.”

He also assured that “all state apparatuses are working on providing healthcare to the injured.”

“The Ministry of Insurances and Social Affairs has paid compensations to the injured and the victims' families. There were swift procedures taken in solidarity with the families, although they make up for nothing,” he said.

Meanwhile, protesters before the Supreme Constitutional Court, located on the cornice, blocked the road while the presidential guards were on way to secure the hospital. They chanted "leave Morsy" before police were able to partially open the road.

The accident sparked criticism from politicians blaming the president and the government for the frequent train accidents and for failing to adequately develop the railways.

In a post on his Facebook page, Wasat Party Deputy Chief Essam Sultan demanded dismissal of Prime Minister Hesham Qandil, saying his insistence on remaining prime minister was like "a blind person who insists on driving a motorbike."

Dostour Party Chief Mohamed ElBaradei posted on Twitter that the problem in Egypt is not a ruler’s political affiliation but their inability to run the country. “Failure increases. People are the vicitims,” he said.

Former MP Mostafa Bakry said the Badrashin train catastrophe will be repeated, saying that politicians were too busy seeking office to pay attention to such issues.

The “I’m Sorry, Mr. President” Facebook page, which supports former President Hosni Mubarak, addressed Morsy, saying, “You have run out of reasons. There is no military council that hampers you, constitutional declaration that reduces your powers, or a government that makes your virtual project fail.”

“You took over power exclusively. Now take complete responsibility,” the page added.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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