Morsy’s son released

Banha prosecution in Qalyoubia decided on Sunday to release Abdullah Morsy, son of the toppled President Mohamed Morsy, and his friend after getting blood samples from them and sending them to Forensic Medicine Department to check if they were taking drugs or not.
Both were arrested in Obour city inside a car whlie allegedly in possession of two cigarettes containing hashish.
A security source said blood and urine samples were taken from the suspects, who refused in the beginning of investigations. They were convinced then that analysis would be in their favor, as rejection would be considered an evidence against them.
Prosecution also decided to send the two cigarettes to the department to check if they contained drugs or not. Mahmoud Saleh Abdel Latif, owner of the car, was summoned for investigations. The car and licences were seized.
Prosecution inspected the car and remnants of hashish were found inside.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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