Morsy echoes calls against ‘meddling fingers’ at Doha summit

President Mohamed Morsy reiterated calls for interlopers to stop "meddling" in Egypt's internal affairs during his Tuesday address at the Arab League of Nations Summit in Doha, Qatar. 
"I will not allow anyone to put their fingers in Egypt," Morsy said, echoing a warning he made Sunday following violent clashes near the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam. 
He was quoted as saying, “There are many that do not want this nation to stand on its feet. I will cut off any finger that meddles in Egypt," adding, “I can see two or three fingers that are meddling.
"We will not allow anyone to interfere in Egypt's internal affairs and if someone dares to do, they will be met with firmness and decisiveness," he added.
Morsy stressed that Egypt "stands with its Arab brothers" and that Egyptians appreciate regional support following the popular uprising in 2011. Morsy noted that Egypt was keen to stay out of the domestic affairs of its neighbors as well. 
Political reform in the Arab region should come from inside each country instead of being imposed by others, Morsy said.
Mosry also called on Arab leaders to make 2013 the year of Arab Women.

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