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Morocco’s parliament approves new government after crisis

Morocco's parliament has approved a new coalition government created to end months of political and economic deadlock.

The Chamber of Representatives voted 208- 91 on Wednesday for the government of new Prime Minister Saadeddine el-Othmani, of the Islamist Party of Justice and Development. Forty deputies abstained.

Before the debate, Othmani outlined the proposed government's priorities of reforming the bureaucracy, rebuilding the education system and reducing economic disparity.

He pledged 50 billion dirham (nearly $5 billion) for rural development, and the construction of 15 new dams to boost renewable energy.

He also promised to guarantee migrants' rights and access to schools and health care.

The king ousted Othmani's predecessor last month because he had failed for five months to form a coalition government and the economy was stalling.

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