More than 50 people remain in the hospital after Kremenchuk mall bombing, official says, as rescuers find more body parts

Eleven body fragments have been found at the site of the Kremenchuk mall bombing, a local official has told CNN, as more than 50 people continue to be treated for their injuries.

Anton Stoletniy, chief prosecutor of the Poltava region, said the body fragments would have be analysed to determine “how many different people they come from.”

Stoletniy said 54 people remain in hospital, 35 of whom are seriously injured. The number killed in the bombing stands at 18.

His update followed an address by the Poltava region military administration, Dmytro Lunin, to Ukrainian television earlier Wednesday in which Lunin said “eight body fragments” had so far been found, with “relatives doing DNA tests.”

Stoletniy said that three-quarters of the shopping mall’s structures had been “dismantled” so far, with 300 rescue workers employed in the task.

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