Monufiya villagers protest killing of resident

Dozens of Shama village residents in Monufiya cut roads and the railway on Monday afternoon to protest the killing of a man on Sunday.

The police cordoned the village and dispersed protesters using tear gas. Thirty-five rioters were arrested.

Protesters set fire to tires on the railway of Cairo-Ashmoun. They demolished and set fire to the house of a family to which the killer allegedly belonged, eyewitnesses said.

Riots started following the killing of Mohamed Eissa al-Elaimy, age 45, by a member of the Abu Harira family. The Abu Harira family had left the village five years ago over previous killings by its members, a security source confirmed. 

The source added that a customary reconciliation, an unoffical agreement to resolve disputes in rural areas of Egypt, was agreed by the village elders who ruled that the family had to leave the village over the previous killings. 

The Abu Harira family recently returned to the village. Elaimy objected to their return and was killed in a fight with the family, according to the security source.

The customary reconciliation stated that the Abu Harira family should pay LE2 million as a compensation for the victims' family members, where they will have to sell their property in the village and never return back, said former head of Monufiya  Security Directorate Mohamed Massoud.

In July 2011, the Abu Harira family murdered a man in a fight. The villagers protested the man's killing and attacked the family's property. An additional five people were killed and dozens were injured by the family as they defended their property. Following the incident, a legal claim was filed and the case was referred to the Criminal Court. A customary reconciliation was held at the time by the village elders to contain the situation and the Abu Harira family were expelled from the village. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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