Monufiya lawyers continue protests over legal authority law

Lawyers continued to protest and close courts on Monday in response to the new draft laws regulating the judiciary, which they say they were not consulted on.

Nearly 70 lawyers at the court in Bagour in Monufiya, north of Cairo, continued protesting, shutting the court's gates and denying judges and prosecutors entry.

Around 200 lawyers in the city of Quweisna, also in Monufiya, shut down the court there, chanting slogans against abusing the legal profession.

In the same governorate, 80 lawyers at Berkat al-Saba court protested.

Judges have proposed two conflicting drafts for a pivotal law that will regulate the judiciary.

The draft proposed by a committee headed by influential judge Ahmed Mekki is believed to ensure a fully independent judiciary that limits the role of the government's executive branch in intervening in judges’ affairs.

The second draft, however, is believed to achieve social and economic welfare for judges, and is proposed by head of the Egyptian Judges Club Ahmed al-Zend.

Lawyers object to various provisions in both drafts. For example, they reject the provision that gives the judges the authority to detain lawyers if they “disturb” a court session. Lawyers said that such vague language could be used to affect their immunity.

Lawyers have been protesting for several days.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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