Monday’s papers: The health of imprisoned regime figures and Mubarak sons’ mystery visitor

Egypt's newspapers on Monday focus on the state of former regime officials who have been imprisoned, including former president Hosni Mubarak's sons, Alaa and Gamal.

Al-Shorouk newspaper reports on its front page that Alaa and Gamal received their first prison visit — a relative who arrived in disguise and stayed almost an hour. The newspaper also reports that former People's Assembly speaker Fathi Sorour's health is deteriorating rapidly and former Shura Council head Safwat al-Sherif is incapable of walking.

On page six Al-Sharouk quotes Amr Moussa as saying a new Constitution is his first priority, and that the country needs reform, investment and great minds. The presidential candidate added the 25 January revolution succeeded in opening up many political and economic issues for discussion.

Al-Wafd reports on the hundreds of people in Qena, Alexandria and Minya who protested against the newly assigned governors.

It also says that investigations prove that officers and soldiers did not properly protect jails during the revolution, and Hezbollah and Hamas members escaped from the Marg jail in 15 minutes.

Many newspapers write about the sudden visit of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf with his family to a fast food joint in Mohandessin to have breakfast.

State-owned Al-Akhbar, meanwhile, writes that Mubarak is terrified of Tora prison. According to the newspaper, Hosni Mubarak refuses to leave Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital. Al-Wafd says he is in good health there.

Al-Akhbar reports on page 4 that renowned lawyer Farid al-Deeb met Alaa and Gamal to discuss plans for their defense. It says that General Essam Mubarak is the mystery visitor who visited the brothers in jail. Lawyer Mortada Mansour has been taken to Tora hospital and family visited him there, according to the paper. 

On its fifth page, state-owned Al-Ahram publishes the second part of its interview with Mohamed ElBaradei. The presidential candidate stated that he does not fear US or Israeli interference and the possibility of an attack on Egypt is minimal.

Presidential candidates should have the experience to manage and the ability to unify the community to a greater goal, ElBaradei said.

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