Monday’s papers: Africa-France summit, ElBaradei tours Old Egypt

State-owned papers continue to hype the 25th Africa-France Summit, which is being held in the Riviera city of Nice. Al-Akhbar’s headline reads, “Mubarak directs a message to the world to support Africa in the opening of the summit today.” The Egyptian president and his French counterpart will be the only heads of state speaking at the summit’s opening session.

The chief editors of Al-Akhbar, Al-Ahram and Al-Gomhurriya all dedicate their daily columns to the summit, with Al-Akhbar’s Mohamed Barakat saying that the central topics of the summit are concerned with “economic cooperation, promoting economic development in Africa … improving living standards, and increasing the rate of investment in the continent’s states.” Al-Gomhurriya adds that the next such summit will be held in Egypt in 2013.

Al-Akhbar and Al-Gomhurriya also highlight the resignation of five female TV presenters from Al Jazeera. Al-Akhbar cites the reason as conflicts with management, though suggests that the resignations may be related to increased pressures on the presenters on issues pertaining to dress code and modesty. But with a total of eight reporters filing complaints against one (unnamed) manager since the start of this year, the papers suggest there could be other reasons.

Al-Shorouq and Al-Dostour highlight Mohamed ElBaradei’s visit yesterday to “Old Cairo,” where the possible presidential candidate went on a “political tour” that included a visit to the Coptic Museum, the Hanging Church, and the Ben Ezra Synagogue, ending with the noon prayer at Amr ibn al-‘As Mosque. He was accompanied by members of his pro-reform organization the National Association for Change, with several youth chanting for constitutional reform and in support of ElBaradei after his departure from the mosque.

Al-Dostour also reports on the use of live ammunition shot by police as they confronted a march in support of a Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the Shura Council elections. The incident took place in Abu Hummus, a city in Beheira Governorate. The independent daily says that tear gas bombs led to 17 injuries, with two Muslim Brotherhood members suffering from “burst eye balls.” The victims were sent to a hospital in Alexandria.

Al-Shorouq’s front page spotlights a story quoting the Coptic Church saying: “No power on the face of the Earth can compel us to permit second marriages.” The article says that judges warn of deposing the Coptic pope if he prevents the implementation of a high administrative ruling. The church’s current position on remarriage is that it is only permissible when divorce is due to adultery.

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