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Mohamed Heneidy’s new movie grosses LE1.581 mln on Sunday alone

Mohamed Heneidy’s new movie, “Nabil al-Gameel Akhesaaei Tagmeel” (Nabil al-Gameel, a Beautician) earned, on Sundaya alone strong revenues of LE1.581 million.

Heneidy’s movie topped the Egyptian box office for this season. 

“Nabil al-Gameel Akhesaaei Tagmeel is written by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mehrez and directed by Khaled Marei.

It has an array of famous stars including: Heneidy, Nour, Mohamed Salam, Rahma Ahmed, Mahmoud Hafez, Yasser El Tobgy, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Mohamed Radwan, Mohamed al-Sawy, Madeleine Tabar, Shima al-Sherif and other young artists.

The events of the plot take place in a comic framework, and Heneidy plays the role of a plastic surgeon named Nabil.

There are many funny moments as the film is typically a Heneidy comedy.

There are many comic paradoxes that occur between him and  Nour throughout the movie and we as audience members anticipate the resolution after some exciting clomax moments. 

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