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Modern Sport FC president reveals further details about death of football player Ahmed Refaat

The president of Modern Sport FC Walid Dabas, commented on the death of club player Ahmed Refaat who passed away on Saturday at the age of 31, after his health sharply declined following a heart attack earlier this year.

During a phone-in with the al-Mehwar channel on Saturday, Dabas said that Refaat had undergone a genetic analysis which proved he had a high susceptibility to a heart attack.

“It was expected that Refaat’s heart attack would return,” he said.

As Refaat’s death had a genetic cause, Dabas explained that installing an electrical defibrillator would not have made a difference according to doctors.

“We always wanted to install a device to monitor Refaat’s heart condition, but he refused,” he said.

The president of the Modern Sport FC said that he contacted Refaat a few days ago, where they discussed completing his treatment abroad.


Did pressure cause Refaat’s death?

In response to concerns that the stresses of his career might have played a role in Refaat’s death, Dabas confirmed that no one exerted any pressure on the late player within the club.

“In our club, it is impossible to let anyone be put under pressure. In the end, it is God’s will. The pressures of life are too many, and yet we live,” he explained.

He pointed out that Refaat’s contract with the club had only one year left, and indicated that the club will pay the remainder of the late player’s contract.

The Modern Sport FC explained that in March, Refaat had suffered from cardiac arrest for more than an hour, before doctors succeeded in saving him.

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