Mobilization only strengthens support for Ukraine in Berlin, German defense minister says

Russia’s “partial mobilization” and planned referendums in occupied parts of Ukraine will not deter Germany’s military support for Ukraine, the country’s Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced Thursday.

“Rather, this reaction from Putin to Ukraine’s successes spurs us on to continue to support Ukraine and send this clear signal,” Lambrecht told reporters in Berlin following a meeting with her French counterpart.

“We see that Ukraine has achieved great successes,” she said, highlighting the support it received from Germany and France.

We see how Russia reacts to these successes — in a desperate manner.”

Lambrecht also said the announced referendums by Kremlin-backed officials in Ukraine ”will have no impact on us,” noting they will not change the level of support Ukraine will receive from Germany.

French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said France will also continue its support for Ukraine in terms of arms and training, adding that France needed cooperation within NATO to do so.

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