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Moamen Awad becomes 1st Egyptian fashion designer to be displayed at Times Square

Fashion designer Moamen Awad combines the Egyptian identity with a modern flair and produced the Pharaonic Chic collection of men’s suits, which has brought him unprecedented success in Egypt and acclaim abroad.

He became the first Egyptian fashion designer to display his work on the big screen at Times Square in New York, after a photo session for his suits filmed in the Saqqara desert, won approval.

Awad, 34, breathed new life into Egyptian civilization for western audiences though his clothing line – a strange twist of fate for a man who graduated from the Faculty of Law, though a love of fashion has flowed through his blood since childhood.

In an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, he said: “The thing started with my love for colors and their coordination, and my grandmother was a good seamstress. I learned from her the basics and how to make a pattern, and I have got a passion for clothes since I was young.”

His actual career began in 2010, after he finished his studies.

Awad traveled for his passion to study different courses in fashion. After education and practice, he found ancient civilization the best source of inspiration to make a distinctive mark in this field.

He has worked with several figures in the Cairo and el-Gouna film festivals, such as Nicolas Mouawad and Ramy Radwan.

Awad said that his ambition is to reach the world through the heritage of his country and draw everyone’s attention to it, and he has indeed achieved this desired goal.

He explained, “I tried to make designs related to the ancient Egyptian civilization because I see it as the greatest in the world, and I wanted to convey a message to the world that there are Egyptian designers who are able to keep pace with fashion, and at the same time preserve their Egyptian identity.”

The fashion designer noted that he garnered more reactions from fans outside Egypt than from within.

Awad’s Pharaonic Chic is divided into three parts, he explained -“The past” that mixes ancient Egyptian inscriptions with modern designs, “The present” in designing suits that have the same modern style, and “The future” in designing new and bold suits that still represent Egypt’s identity, customs and traditions.

His focus is not on a specific color as he uses a mixture of black, white, olive and beige.

Awad received the news of displaying his collection on Times Square with great pride and happiness, because it was shown in the most important advertising place in the world.

“Fashion is not just clothes; It is a bridge between time, culture and self-expression,” he said.

The fashion designer finished his speech by wishing to reach a global audience.

“I was proud that there is astonishment from foreigners that an Egyptian made these designs, and this proves that Egyptians, when they have capabilities and circumstances, can compete with any external level,” he concluded.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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