Minya train shooter referred to Egypt’s state security court

Egypt's Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud has referred a policeman accused of firing at train passengers to the State Security Court.

On Tuesday, policeman Amer Ashour Abdel Zaher suddenly boarded a Cairo-bound train at Minya's Samalout stop and shot at Coptic Christians. He succeeded in killing one and injuring five.

A Thursday statement by the attorney general's office said that Abdel Zaher faces charges relating to violence, endangering and intimidating civilians, as well as voluntary manslaughter and attempted murder.

Security sources on Wednesday claimed that the defendant suffered from a “mental disorder.”

Minya Governor Ahmed Dyaa Eddin denied on Wednesday that the shooter was motivated by sectarian considerations.

The incident comes shortly after a suicide bomber killed 23 and injured up to 100 in an attack on an Alexandria church on New Year’s Eve.

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