Minya and Luxor prepare for Mubarak visit

In preparation for President Mubarak’s visit to Minya and Luxor, local authorities are undertaking beautification efforts throughout the two cities. New flags, banners and decorations adorn the road to el-Minya el-Gedida and throughout the Nile Corniche area, the industrial zone has been emptied of citizens, and sugar cane fields have been trimmed in the village of Sengerg Mallawi to prepare a landing strip for the arriving guests. A second landing strip was created in el-Minya el-Gedida.

Governor Ahmed Diaa Eddin visited Minya yesterday to followup on the arrangements, to check vehicle traffic and to investigate alternative routes for the guests. The Teaching Staff Hotel at Minya University has been set aside to host the presidential guards and security forces.

Similar security preparations have been undertaken in the city of Luxor. Authorities cleared floating hotels, tourist boats and other ships from the tourist areas outside the Luxor Temple and a number of roads have been closed. Several vehicle waiting areas have been shut down as well.

To accommodate the security forces, six schools in the area will be shut for five days including Hotel Education School, Technical School, Thebes Primary, Suzanne Mubarak, Luxor Elementary and Zanaqita Primary. These schools have been converted into security zones, where forces from the neighboring governorates will assemble.

Translated from Arabic Edition.

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