Ministry security guards clash with thanaweya amma students

Security guards and Higher Education Ministry employees clashed on Monday with dozens of thanaweya amma (high school) graduates during a protest staged by students who wish to be transferred to other universities.

Using water hoses, the ministry's security guards attempted to disperse the students, who threw stones back at the guards.

Some ministry employees joined the security guards and used sticks and iron rods to break up the protest.

Meanwhile, Central Security Forces, who rushed to the scene of the clashes, cordoned off the entrance to the ministry to end the clashes, which temporarily blocked traffic on Qasr al-Aini Street.

Students and parents complained about “inflexibility of procedures” at the admission office, and said they came to file their grievances with the ministry.

They added that they were provoked when security guards denied them access to the ministry building and used violence with them, leading to clashes.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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