Minister: Qastal border crossing officially inaugurated on Thursday

The Qastal-Ashkit border crossing between Egypt and Sudan was inagurated on Thursday, "to increase trade and facilitate the flow of goods, products, and individuals across the borders, and to achieve a more open African market," according to a statement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour said that the crossing will be a new gateway Egyptian exports to the Sudanese market and the rest of Africa, thanks to the road network between Sudan and most eastern and central African countries.
The minister said that the General Authority for Exports and Imports Control has supplied the crossing with the latest accredited devices for examining the imported products, in order to determine their compatibility with Egyptian standards.
He added that the flow of goods between Egypt and Sudan has been going well since the trial opening of the crossing last August. The total value of Egyptian exports, which passed through the Qastal-Ashkit crossing between August and April 23 exceeded US$9 million and included vegetables, fruit, other food products and electrical appliances, furniture, fertilizers and machinery. The value of the products imported until 26 March exceeded $12 million and included frozen meat, livestock, frut, vegetables and other goods. 

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