Minister: Jordan to agree on new Egyptian gas prices by October

An agreement on prices of Egyptian natural gas exports to Jordan is expected to be signed by October, Jordanian Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Khaled Touqan said.

The Jordanian privately-owned Al-Ghad newspaper quoted Touqan as saying that his government will meet next week to discuss the preliminary agreement for the price modification.

Egypt has not been pumping gas to Jordan since a blast at the pipeline on 12 July.

Touqan, who will visit Egypt within the next few weeks, said the agreement is likely to be signed by October, by which time gas exports should resume.

The gas pipeline was also the target of attacks on 5 February, 27 April and 4 July.

Jordan says its public treasury loses around US$5 million daily due to the gas cut, as all electricity generation stations are being powered by diesel and industrial fuel instead.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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