Minister: Egypt not opposed to electricity-generating dams in Nile Basin states

Egypt has no objection to the construction of dams for electricity generation in upstream states of the Nile Basin provided they do not affect Egypt's traditional quota of Nile water, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Nasr Eddine Allam said Thursday.

“We would even call upon donor countries to fund the projects," Allam said.

In April, Egypt and Sudan entered into a dispute with upstream Nile Basin countries after five of the latter signed a separate agreement in Entebbe, Uganda calling for the redistribution of historical quotas of Nile water.

Under a 1959 water-sharing treaty, Egypt is allotted 51 billion cubic meters of Nile water annually–the lion's share–while Sudan is entitled to 18 billion cubic meters.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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