‘Minions’ tops global box office

The little guys are taking the big slice of global box office estimates, edging out Disney's "Ant-Man" for the weekend of July 26.

It's a battle between adorable animated characters as "Minions" tops global box office estimates with a total of US$66.1 million (RM252 million) in the bank just ahead of "Ant-Man," which earned US$60.2 million over the weekend, according to Rentrak.

Universal's "Minions" now counts a grand total of US$759.4 million, and the Disney-Marvel produced "Ant-Man" counts 48 international territories and North America in which it was viewed over the weekend.

Fantasy-adventure-themed 3D film "Monster Hunt" came in third, earning US$46 million in only five territories, according to Rentrak.

Global box office estimates for the weekend of July 26 are as follows: 

1. Minions – Universal -US $66.1M

2. Ant-Man – Disney – US$60.2M

3. Monster Hunt – Multiple – US$46.0M

4. Pixels – Sony – US$45.4M

5. Inside Out – Disney – US$35.7M

6. Jian Bing Man (Pancake Man) – Multiple – US$25.0M

7. Paper Towns – 20th Century Fox – US$20.5M

8. Southpaw – Multiple – US$20.0M

9. Assassination, The – Showbox – US$19.5M

10. Trainwreck – Universal – US$17.5M

11. Monkey King: Hero is Back – Multiple – US$17.0M

12. Jurassic World – Universal – US$14.5M

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