Military trials articles still unresolved: constitutional committee member

Mohamed Abul Ghar, leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and member of the 50-person constitutional amendment committee, has claimed debates around military trials in Egypt's draft constitution have still not been resolved. "But all members unanimously agree that the armed forces and military should be well protected," he added.
Abul Ghar said representatives of the armed forces insist on not amending articles related to the military, while other committee members insist on applying qualifications to articles dealing with military trials for civilians.
“I personally want to see those articles omitted, for there are laws regulating this matter anyway,” he said. “Keeping them makes the Constitution subject to international criticism.”
The Egyptian Social Democratic Party leader added that keeping the articles would rile up revolutionary and other political forces. “They may urge the people to vote against the Constitution in the referendum,” he argued.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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