Military to release April 6 Youth Movement activist on bail

The Egyptian military prosecutor released April 6 Youth Movement activist Ali al-Halaby on a bail of LE1800 on Tuesday.

The military police arrested Halaby on Tuesday evening as he took part in an awareness-raising campaign aimed at encouraging citizens not to vote for members of the former regime in the next elections, the movement said Wednesday.

The movement said on its Facebook page that Halaby was arrested in Nasr City, north of Cairo, while writing slogans related to the campaign, dubbed “The White Circle and the Black Circle."

The April 6 Youth Movement launched the campaign on 17 September to boost political awareness of corrupt candidates and those who belonged to the now-dissolved National Democratic Party.

The campaign also aims to inform citizens of the standards required of members of parliament running in the elections, slated for November.

Halaby was charged with "damaging public property," which the movement described as being a "malicious charge."

Prosecutors ordered the release of Halaby on Tuesday after he was fined LE1800 to cover the damages. He is expected to be released from jail on Wednesday.

Halaby’s arrest angered a number of human rights organizations. In a statement, the Arab Network for Human Rights Information demanded the SCAF “implement its promises not to refer civilians to exceptional military courts."

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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