Military police catch weapon smugglers

Military police caught a group of smugglers carrying a cache of arms, ammunition, and drugs in a vehicle on al-Korayemat highway in Helwan, a top military commander said Friday. Police arrested one suspect while the others fled the scene.

Major General Hamdy Badein, commander of the military police, said in a telephone call to 'Al-Hayah Al-Youm' program on Al-Hayah channel Friday that a military police checkpoint on al-Koraymat highway initially suspected the vehicle when the driver turned around after seeing the waiting military forces. An armored vehicle, he said, then followed the suspected vehicle and threw tires in front of it, forcing the driver to stop.

Badein said that the weapons seized included 40 automatic guns, 3 sniper rifles, one multi-automatic gun, 43 safes for automatic guns, and about 5000 bullets and 47 marijuana packets.

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