Military plans celebrations for 25 January

25 January has been set as a national day and the military will organize a huge celebration of the revolution, a member of Egypt’s ruling military council has said.

During a meeting with military reporters, Major General Ismail Etman, the head of the military’s morale affairs department, said all military leaders who sacrificed their lives during the revolution last year will be awarded.

One-third of the military are revolutionary youth, Etman said. He said some of them took part in securing Maspero and Mohamed Mahmoud streets.

Etman said there will be three main celebrations. The first will be completely organized by youth on 25 January in Tahrir Square. He said the youth and the culture minister have cooperated so that it will be a popular artistic celebration.

The second will be an official celebration similar to those of the military for celebrating the 6th of October war and the 23 July revolution, Etman added.

The third celebration will be a concert to encourage work and the prevention of sectarian strife, the general said. About 13 singers will perform, and a popular band will play in Arish, Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Nubia, Suez and finally Cairo.

The air forces will hold a parade from 25 to 28 January in Cairo and several governorates. Etman said the number of planes taking part will be no less than the number for the October war celebrations.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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