Military detainees committee recommends release of 700 prisoners

The Personal Freedom Protection Committee has recommended the release of nearly 700 prisoners in military detention.

The announcement came after the committee, charged with investigating military detentions made since the 25 January revolution, held its third meeting Monday.

Sources who spoke with Al-Masry Al-Youm said that after reviewing hundreds of files from the military judiciary, the committee prepared its first report, which recommended the release of nearly 700 prisoners who were tried during the revolution and met the conditions of release.

The report will be sent to President Mohamed Morsy Wednesday. He is expected to approve the prisoners’ release in time for Ramadan.

The sources added that more releases will follow after the committee receives additional prisoner files from the civil judiciary.

The committee said in a statement that its secretariat submitted a technical study highlighting cases similar to those of prisoners previously pardoned. The statement also said the report would be completed after the committee receives crucial document needed for some cases within the next day.

The announcement comes ahead of an anticipated mass iftar in front of the presidential palace during the first week of Ramadan. The iftar is being organized by a number of revolutionary groups to pressure the president into releasing all political prisoners.

”The revolutionary forces will not abandon the detainees’ files, especially after the end of the two-week deadline set by the revolutionary forces for the committee to finish its tasks,” said Free Front for Peaceful Change coordinator Essam Sharif.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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