Military court to continue hearing Maspero violence case Monday

A military court is convening Monday to continue hearing the case regarding the violence in front of the state television building, known as Maspero, last October.

The court will hear the testimony of Vivian Magdy Fahim, fiancee of Michael Mossad, who was killed during the protest on 9 October.

Coptic Christians had staged peaceful demonstrations in protest against the demolition of a church in Edfu, Aswan, earlier that month.

The military responded with deadly force. Twenty seven protesters, mostly Copts, and a soldier, were killed. Army officials denied responsibility for the deaths.

The incident aroused the anger of Egyptian Copts who have organized many protests criticizing the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces for its “leniency” in investigating numerous attacks on Copts since it assumed power.

On 9 February, 28 suspects were placed on travel ban lists pending investigation into the events, including two priests and a Coptic lawyer who were accused of incitement and involvement in the Maspero events.

Last Thursday, Tharwat Hamad, who was ordered by the justice minister to investigate the violence, referred 31 soldiers to forensics to determine whether they were injured with permanent disabilities.

Hamad also heard the testimony of Reverend Philemon Khafagy of the Beheira Cathedral, who said he protected a soldier from demonstrators attempting to assault him.

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