Military council tackles electoral issues in secret meeting with political forces

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has been in secret negotiations with various political forces on a range of electoral issues, according to political sources, and is reported to have reached agreement on a number of outstanding issues.

In a meeting on Sunday, the military council is said to have agreed to separate the People’s Assembly elections from those of the Shura Council, and to bring forward the date of the upcoming presidential elections.

The council also reportedly agreed to apply the list-based system in elections for all parliamentary seats, dropping the single-winner system, which some political forces had said should be applied to at least 30 percent of seats.

At the same meeting, all political forces present rejected the continuation of the Emergency Law, although they differed over the Treachery Law.

Meanwhile, Maher Samy, president of the Constitutional Court, said the court was not represented in the meeting.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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