Mido ripped off by English girl

An English girl named Daryl Louise Harrison, 21, reportedly stole a credit card belonging to Egyptian football player Ahmed Hossam, better known as Mido, who is currently playing for the English football club, West Ham, and used it to withdraw £46,000.
Harrison is also said to have traveled to Dubai, where she used Mido’s credit card for shopping and dental work, allegedly spending the equivalent of LE400,000.
The English police said they do not know how the girl got ahold of Mido’s credit card, especially since Mido did not report a missing credit card to the authorities.
According to the police, Harrison spent £8000 to finance six of her friends’ trips to Dubai, £2000 to buy a laptop, some clothes and other purchases. She also paid £5800 to treat her teeth and £9000 to travel outside the country.
Meanwhile, the girl who allegedly stole Mido’s credit card, is in custody pending a verdict.
Mido is said to be currently receiving the lowest weekly payment of expatriate players in the English football league. Mido himself, however, denied receiving any such payments, and said he is focusing on reestablishing himself as a good player.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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