Mexican govt holds travel agency responsible for killing of 8 nationals in Egypt

Mexican authorities are holding the travel agency responsible for the killing of eight Mexican tourists in Egypt in September 2015.
Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu said in a press conference on Wednesday that the Egyptian government informed Mexican authorities that Mexican administrative authorities and travel agency needed more details about the permits for the tourists traveling in the Western Desert.

Massieu added that investigations into the incident are about to conclude, according to Egyptian authorities.

Egyptian forces killed 12 people and wounded 10 "by accident" when they mistook a convoy of mostly Mexican tourists for a group of militants they were hunting in the desert in September.
Four Egyptians were killed as well in the incident.
The group of 22 had parked their four 4×4 vehicles off-road for a barbecue near the Bahariya oasis, a tourist site in the Western Desert, when army aircraft suddenly began shelling them from above, security sources told Reuters earlier.
As members of the tourist convoy tried to flee, additional security forces on the ground fired on them.
Six Mexicans who survived the incident told Mexico's ambassador to Egypt they had been bombed by helicopters and an aircraft while they stopped for a break in the desert.

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