Meteorological Authority: Bad weather to last until Thursday

A spate of strong winds, cold and rainfall across the country will last until Thursday, according to Gamal Seoudy, the director of the Remote Sensing Sector at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority.

The unstable weather that started today and mostly affects the northern part of the country will gradually extend to the east and to the north of Upper Egypt.

Strong winds, along with heavy rain and an abrupt drop in temperatures, are expected for the coming days, with an average of 14 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas. Cairo will oscillate between 13 and 15 degrees, and 17-18 degrees for Upper Egypt.

During the night, the temperature will drop to 6-8 degrees Celsius inland in Sinai and Upper Egypt, and will average 10-11 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas.

The high speed winds, reaching 30 to 35 knots (equivalent to 60 kilometers per hour) may interrupt fishing activities on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, where waves are expected to reach 4-5 and 3-4 meters high respectively.

“Some ports may have to close down, and we expect 22 mm of rainfall in some areas of the country, which could cut roads and impair traffic,” Seoudy said.

The weather will likely return to normal Thursday.

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