Mehleb issues resolution to apply counter-terrorism law on Muslim Brotherhood

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb issued a decision on Thursday to apply the ruling that considers the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

The ruling by the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters was issued last February and commits the government to punish whoever joins the Brotherhood or promotes its ideas verbally or through writing.

The resolution includes those who joined the group or continued as members after the ban decision was issued.

The penalties prescribed by the law for terrorism will be applied on group members, those who promote its ideas verbally through writing or any other means, and those who fund its activities, the resolution mentioned.

It added Arab countries who joined the counter-terrorism treaty of 1998 will be notified to put the decision into effect as well. The police and armed forces have to secure facilities, while the police have to secure universities, the resolution said.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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