Megawer calls on Nile Basin labor unions to protect the river

Hussein Megawer, head of the Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions, called for cooperation between the governments and civil society organizations of the Nile Basin countries to protect their water resources and make optimal use of them.

At a meeting with the Eritrean Union of Workers, Megawer called for a forum of Nile Basin labor unions before the end of this year.
“The Egyptian Labor Union is happy to provide technical assistance for these countries and open its cultural institutes and vocational training centers for them to expand their technical abilities,” he said.
The head of the Eritrean delegation stressed the distinguished relations between Egypt and Eritrea and praised Egypt’s efforts to serve development and stability issues in Africa. He invited Megawer to the conference of the Eritrean Union later this year.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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