Megahid moves to avert would-be theater disasters

At the closing ceremony of the 2nd Alexandria Theater Festival, Cultural Centers Authority Director Ahmed Megahid said the authority was taking precautionary steps to avoid accidents at cultural centers, especially since the deadly 2005 Beni Sueif theater fire.

"I cannot predict the future," he said, noting that he had ordered the closure of several authority-affiliated theaters until maintenance and safety works could be completed.

Megahid went on to explain that the authority was currently installing US-designed safety systems in all its affiliated centers and theater halls. "They will all have fire-resistant curtains, fire extinguishers and emergency exits," he said.

Megahid also said he had raised the annual budget for the production of plays by LE100,000, which will include financial incentives for directors and cast if they pass periodic work evaluations.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.   

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