MB university students protest exclusion from campus elections

Tanta University students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group staged demonstrations on campus for the second day in a row to protest a university decision banning their colleagues from running in student union elections.

Protesters called for the elections, which are slated for 17 October, to be subject to international oversight.

In Zagazig University, MB students–along with colleagues affiliated with the National Association for Change reform movement–also staged protests for the same reasons.

One MB student at Menoufiya University, meanwhile, said that university administrators had banned 86 MB students from participating in student elections. The students in question, he added, intended to file a lawsuit against the university.

Menoufiya University spokesman Refaat al-Badry, however, denied that the students had been banned due to their political orientations.

Translated from the Arabic Edition. 

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