MB Supreme Guide visits Wafd Party

The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Mohamed Badie visited the headquarters of the Wafd Party yesterday to congratulate elSayyed elBadawy on winning the Wafd party presidency in a scandal-free voting process. This is the Supreme Guide’s first visit to any party since el-Badawy assumed his position.

The delegation accompanying the Supreme Guide–which included Essam elErian, the MB media spokesperson, and Saad elHusseini, a Brotherhood MP–held a meeting with leaders from the Wafd Party. The meeting lasted an hour and a half.

ElBadawy held a press conference after the meeting where he spoke about the historical relationship between the MB and the Wafd Party. He added that the Wafd Part supports the idea of a secular Egyptian state, not a state governed by Islamic law.

Meanwhile, Supreme Guide Badie said the main purpose of his visit was to congratulate elBadawy on becoming the leader of the Wafd Party, following an election process that he said represented a “gain for Egypt.” This visit gave both leaders a chance to explain their parties’ political ideologies.

Badie highlighted the common ground between the MB and the Wafd Party. Most importantly, he explained, both parties believe Islam is the message carried by all Muslims and not exclusively by the MB.

Badie added that the MB does not seek the establishment of a religious state but rather a secular one with an Islamic influence.

Translated form the Arabic Edition.

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