MB Guidance Bureau divided over top post

Sources close to the freshly elected Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Guidance Bureau say that bureau members remain divided over the issue of the group’s next general guide, or murshid. The group’s current leader, Mahdi Akef, recently announced his intention to step down from the post next month.

The five candidates so far nominated for general guide by the MB’s consultative Shura Council are Mohamed Badie, Rashad Bayoumi, Gomaa Amin, Mahmoud Ezzat and Mohamed Habib.

"I’m not seeking the post, but I’ll be up to the task if it’s assigned to me," said Badie. "I’m sure the other candidates feel the same."

Badie admitted that the group was experiencing internal disagreement. "We’re only human; we can make mistakes," he said. "But we’ve tried to serve as good examples in terms of how we have handled our differences."

Ezzat, for his part, denied that the group was in crisis. "It’s just a matter of differing points of view, which only proves the MB’s democratic nature," he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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